The Spadone, one of the weapons in our curriculum.

Who We Are

NoVA-Assalto is an organization based in Northern Virginia with the goal of promoting 16th century Bolognese swordsmanship.

What We Do

We research, practice, and teach Bolognese Swordsmanship, the system of swordsmanship described in the works of Antonio Manciolino, Achille Marozzo, Giovanni dall’Agocchie, the Anonimo Bolognese, and Angelo Viggiani. We also utilize works which are contemporary with the Bolognese sources to provide additional material to aid in our understanding of the core texts. Additionally, we practice and teach the Iberian Montante and its close relative, the Italian Spadone. We are one of the few schools in the US and the only school in the DC-metro area teaching this weapon in classes dedicated specifically to this material and open to anyone.


In addition to our research, we run classes in the DC Metro area and teach seminars throughout the country. Information about classes upcoming seminars is available on our Classes page.


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For site and material questions, you can contact Steven Reich by email at For class questions, you can contact Joshua Badgley by email at